These are just brief summaries written by me. If you would prefer a longer, more detailed version then I have included a link to one at the end of each epsisode.

Episode 182

The anima-mates had 80% of the galaxy. All that was left was the planets in this solar system. Aluminum Siren, taking over Iron Mouse's position, is intructed to find the rest of the star seeds, or else. Aluminum Siren, dressed in normal clothes, is cleaning out Mouse's old desk. Lead Crow comes in and Aluminum Siren says her name. Lead Crow says for ASiren to call her Karasuma on earth. They are slightly uneasy around each other, due to the fact that they were both competing for top favor in Galaxia's eyes. Lead Crow tells Aluminum Siren to get started but she says she's gonna eat first *^_^* Later on in the ep, they are spying on ChibiChibi, Usagi and Usagi's mother at the police station. They transform after deciding the cop has a star seed they need. The get the star seed easily, but its not that right one. Aluminum Siren gets hungry after that. Sailor Moon and Sailor Pluto appear. When they demanded they know who they were, Aluminum Siren went to Eternal Sailor Moon and politely handed her her business card. Lead Crow gets upset and they have more formal introductions. Then Pluto attacks, but they easily dodge it and disappeared with their telephone booth.
Complete Summary

Episode 183

Complete Summary

I hope to finish all the episode summaries with ASiren in them sometime. Right now I don't have time, but check for updates *^_^* Arigotou

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