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Anime Images

Aluminum Siren talking
Aluminum Siren peering over her shoulder
angry Aluminum Siren
determined Aluminum Siren
Aluminum Siren looking kinda demented
Sad Siren
standing Aluminum Siren

Manga Images

Manga Aluminum Siren

Screen Captures

angry Siren
Aluminum Siren doing her attack
Aluminum Siren standing
Siren with her head down
Siren attacking Eternal Sailor Moon
Siren giving SMoon her card, which makes SMoon spaz
pic from Siren's intro

Those are all the images I have (for now). If you have any, I'd appreciate them *^_^* If you want to use any of the screen captures, I would be pleased if you emailed me and told me your page URL and such so I know where they are being distributed. Arigotou


Design, text and most graphics 1998 Ellen Bekkering
Sailormoon is 1992 Naoko Takeuchi/Kodansha/Toei Animation
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