Golden Stats

  • Galaxia is the overlord of the Sailor Animamates, and their controllers

  • Galaxia was not always evil, but Chaos possessed her and made her so

  • She controls the Animamates by the bracelets they wear

  • In the anime, Sailor Tin Nyanko works as her advisor and persuades Galaxia not to believe Aluminum Siren

  • In the manga, Sailor Chi and Phi are her advisors and messengers

  • In the manga, Galaxia is searching for Sailor Crystals

  • In the anime, Galaxia is searching for star seeds

  • In the manga, Galaxia kills all the senshi and turns them against Sailormoon

  • In the anime, Galaxia is actually good and Chibi Chibi is revealed to be her hope whom she sent away. When she is healed she releases the star seeds she stole

  • In the anime Galaxia kills all of the senshi except for Uranus and Neptune, who work under her control for awhile. She ends up killing them too.

  • Galaxia had already destroyed many planets when she came to Earth, including the Starlight's home

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