Lead Crow

Profile on Lead Crow

  • Sailor Lead Crow is a Sailor Animamate

  • In the anime she is Siren's partner, originally sent to watch after the ditzy mermaid

  • They start out as rivals and soon become close friends

  • When Galaxia was killing Siren, Lead Crow was begging for Siren's life, promising Siren would do better...

  • In the anime Lead Crow is killed by Sailor Tin Nyanko, her new "partner" when Nyanko makes a black hole that sucks her in

  • In the manga, she is killed by Sailormoon

  • Lead Crow's attack is Galactica Tornado

  • In the manga, Lead Crow is from the planet Coronis, the same planet as Phobos and Deimos, Mars's crows

  • In the anime, Sailor Lead Crow appears in episode 182 and dies in episode 193

  • In the manga, Sailor Lead Crow appears and dies in act Stars 3 of volumes 16

  • Other Animamates

    Nearly all of the Animamates were cool kinda gals. There is a picture of each in the gallery, and here is a little description of each.

    Sailor Iron Mouse
  • She's slightly cuter in the anime, but Iron Mouse is still a real cutie. She loves pinstripes and was the first Animamate to appear. Galaxia ended up killing her because she failed too often (?).

    Sailor Tin Nyanko
  • I am a little biased against her (she killed Crow-sama!), but she is generally disliked by most. She has a kitty fuku with lots of bells, and is actually sort of cute in the manga when she first appears.

    Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon
    Papillon=butterfly. This very cool Animamate appears only in the manga--and only for one act. She turned the spirits she stole crystals from into butterflies.

    Sailor Chi and Sailor Phi
    These two are odd looking servants of Galaxia. They appear all the way throughout stars (manga only) as Galaxia's helpers. They kill Sailor Lethe and Mnemosyne, and Kakyuu-Hime.

    Sailor Lethe and Sailor Mnemosyne
    These two beautiful sailors were servants of Galaxia. Lethe guarded the river of oblivion (loss of memory) while Mnemosyne guarded the river of memory. Sailor Lethe almost killed Sailormoon but Mnemosyne stopped her. They died with delicate fingers just barely touching as Chi and Phi (grr!) killed them.

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