• AluminumSiren first appears in episode 182

  • She makes appearances from 182 to 188

  • She is killed by Galaxia in episode 188

  • Her seiyuu is Inoue Kikuko

  • Her attack is Galactica Tsunami

  • She is a Sailor Animamate, along with Sailor Lead Crow, Sailor Tin Nyanko and Sailor Iron Mouse

  • She is silly and ditzy in the anime, and eats when she is nervous

  • Her partner, friend, and protector is Sailor Lead Crow

  • The Anima-mates job is to find star seeds

  • Her civilian name is Aya Reiko

  • Manga

  • AluminumSiren first appears in act Stars 2

  • She is killed in the same act

  • Her attack is Galactica Tsunami

  • She is a Sailor Animamate along with Sailor Lead Crow, Sailor Tin Nyanko, Sailor Iron Mouse, Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon, Sailor Lethe, Sailor Mnemosyne, Sailor Chi and Sailor Phi

  • Sailor AluminumSiren is from the planet Mermaid

  • She manages to kill Sailormercury and Sailorjupiter, and deflect Sailoruranus' attack. Sailorstarfigher's Star Serious Laser finally beats her

  • The Anima-mates are looking for Sailor Crystals, instead of star seeds

  • SailorAluminumSiren is a servant of Galaxia, sent by her to find star seeds. The Animamates are controlled by the bracelets they wear. If Galaxia wishes, the bracelets can be removed and the Animamate will die.

  • SailorLeadCrow (in the anime) is sent after Siren to watch her. They annoy each other at first, LeadCrow with her bossiness and Siren with her ditziness, but soon they become close friends.

  • Siren in the anime is very kawaii and silly. When she first meets Sailormoon she actually gives Sailormoon her card as an introduction.

  • Sailor Aluminum Siren knew who the Inner Senshi and Starlights were, but Galaxia killed her without giving Siren a chance to tell her.

  • Siren does not have a transformation (that is seen) but her attack is Galactica Tsunami. It is quite powerful. In the anime she screams out the phrase and the attack goes (in the episode I saw it in an orangish spray comes and hits all of the Inner Senshi). In the manga it looks like a whirlwind or giant spray.

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